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Developer Initiated - Easement and Plat Review

JEA Real Estate Services reviews all deeds, easements or plats submitted to JEA as part of a new development.  This review ensures that JEA receives the appropriate real property rights in order to maintain its utility infrastructure.  Before service is provided, all real property documents must be approved by JEA Real Estate and recorded in the public records of the appropriate county.

The items required by JEA to approve any deed, easement or plat can be found in the JEA Conveyance Checklist. When granting an easement, please use JEA's standard easement forms which are provided below.

In cases where lender consent to an easement or deed is required, please use JEA's standard consent and joinder form below.

Any questions related to Developer Initiated reviews are to be directed to Jordan Pope, Real Estate Coordinator 

Easement Forms  

Plat Language