Residential Rebates

JEA offers a wide range of rebate programs to save you money on home energy upgrades. Whether you are starting small or looking to make an investment, JEA has a rebate program for you. Rebates are available for JEA electric customers only. Rebates marked with an asterisk require the use of a JEA Pre-Qualified Contractor, as described below.

Rebates for Your Home

Pre-Qualified Contractors for Energy Upgrade Projects

JEA maintains a list of pre-qualified contractors for customers to choose from when performing a home energy upgrade that qualifies for a rebate. ShopSmart with JEA rebates are deducted from your energy upgrade purchase amount by our pre-qualified contractors. JEA does not send rebates directly to customers, so if you do not use a ShopSmart with JEA Pre-Qualified Contractor you will not be eligible to receive a ShopSmart with JEA rebate.

Find a Contractor

JEA Pre-Qualified Contractors must:

  • Abide by all local, state and Federal guidelines, applicable laws, building codes, regulations and licensing requirements.
  • Maintain required license(s) or certification(s), insurance to perform home energy upgrades, and have agreed to follow the ShopSmart with JEA program guidelines.
  • Adhere to program guidelines and standards.
  • Install all program measures for maximum sustainable energy efficiency effectiveness.

JEA Pre-Qualified Contractors will provide:

  • Invoices detailing the work that was done.
  • Invoice line item showing JEA rebate deduction for measure(s) installed. 

JEA will conduct quality control inspections on installed measures. Inspections will be spread across all pre-qualified contractors. In the event of any contractor problem, JEA will address, retrain and order remediation of failing work. JEA encourages our customers to get at least three estimates, ask for references and to check out any professional you may consider hiring via the Better Business Bureau and/or the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.  

Become a Pre-Qualified Contractor

ShopSmart with JEA Pre-Qualified Contractors are an exclusive group of contractors that offer energy efficiency services to customers.
Learn about how to become a ShopSmart with JEA Pre-Qualified Contractor