Solar Energy

JEA is proud of Jacksonville’s growing solar generation movement. Environment America's Shining Cities 2017 Study found that Jacksonville ranks in the top 20 cities in America for solar generation.

As a utility customer, you may be wondering how you can benefit from solar energy and whether or not rooftop solar should be your next step to going green. Below you will find information on solar energy and all the steps to take while deciding if solar is right for you.

Looking for information about the new Solar rate, JEA SolarSmart?
JEA SolarSmart gives residential and business customers who do not have solar panels an option to benefit from solar energy and to demonstrate their commitment to improving the environment.
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Community Solar Energy

Does JEA Generate Solar Power

JEA SolarSmart
Customers who have an interest in demonstrating their commitment to improving the environment can elect up to 100% of their energy from JEA’s solar projects. This option will be available to customers June 1, 2017.

Solar and our Community
Solar energy provides many benefits to our environment and the community. However, it can also create challenges. Learn about the benefits and challenges and how the use of solar energy can impact you.

Does JEA Generate Solar Power?
JEA is committed to diversifying our generation sources, which includes the use of renewable energy. To increase the level of carbon-free renewable energy generation, JEA will continue adding solar photovoltaic (PV) resources to the generation fleet. JEA will add 32 MW of utility scale solar electric generation capacity by the end of 2018; this would bring JEA’s total solar energy portfolio to 44 MW which is equivalent to powering approximately 6,500 homes.Learn more about our Solar Generation efforts at

Solar Energy and Your Home

Does JEA Generate Solar Power

Solar Basics
The term solar can mean different things to different people. We'll help you gain a basic understanding of what solar energy is, how it is generated, and what happens when the sun is not shining.

Is Solar Right for You?
There are many factors to consider when determining if solar energy is a good fit for your home. Being informed about what to consider prior to making your decision is key to making the right decision for you.

Steps to Going Solar
If you've decided to purchase a solar PV system for your home, it's important to know what steps to take when choosing a system. Take a look at the steps JEA recommends when purchasing a solar PV system for your home.

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