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Many of your daily decisions have a major impact on the environment and your future generations. Living green is a choice to help reduce waste and conserve natural resources. Every step towards a green lifestyle is a step in the right direction. Whether you decide to change a couple of habits or your entire lifestyle, making steps towards a greener life will help to reduce your carbon footprint and make the world a little greener for generations to come.  

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Electric vehicles are fun to drive and better for the environment. By switching from gasoline combustion engines to electric engines we can help reduce nitrous oxide and CO2 emissions that are released in to the environment. Electric vehicles also eliminate the need for dealing with motor oils, fluids, filters and landfill polluting byproducts.
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Commercial electric powered equipment is a clean, green, and powerful alternative to gas powered equipment. The equipment makes less noise to run and does not release NOx, particulates, hydrocarbons, or carbon monoxide in to the air in employee work areas which makes it environmentally friendly and safer for your employees to work around.
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Solar Power Solar power is clean, renewable, and does not contribute to global warming, acid rain, or smog. Solar generation also does not release harmful gases or pollution in to the air, making solar power the cleanest energy. JEA is in the process of developing solar energy rates that will be available to residential and business customers. 
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