Make Every Day Earth Day

Earth Day is celebrated globally to inspire awareness about the importance of protecting our environment and showing how easily everyone can do their part! In honor of Earth Day, learn how you can do your part, every day, to show the Earth some extra love!

Make Every Day a Little Greener

  • Cut out paper waste.
    Every year our community receives more than 2 million lbs of paper bills. Do you part and reduce paper waste by signing up for electronic billing and make electronic payments where ever you can. You’ll save a whole lot of trees in the process! 
  • Feel good about something on laundry day.
    • Always use cold water to wash.
    • Combine two small loads into one.
    • Keep your dryer vent clean.
    • Hang clothes to dry rather than using the dryer. 
    • Upgrade to a more energy efficient clothes washer. It can help you save money on your utility bill and be beneficial for the environment!
  • Carpool with coworkers.
    Carpooling can save time, money, and a few pounds of CO2, especially when you carpool in an electric vehicle. It can also slow down wear on tear on each carpooler’s vehicle…all while helping to save the environment! 
  • Drive electric.
    Electric Vehicles are not only more cost effective to run than a gas powered vehicle, they are better for the environment. They emit 15% - 50% less CO2, based on JEA’s electricity generation mix, than the EPA’s average MPG gasoline engine vehicle. Driving electric won’t just help you save money on driving costs, they will also help you save the environment! Plus, you can save even more when you buy or lease a new electric vehicle with JEA's PEV Rebates!
  • Take public transportation.
    According to, in 2005, public transportation (like buses and metro) saved the U.S. 6.9 million tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Do your part by leaving your car at home and trying out Jacksonville's own local public transportation system a couple times per week, you‘ll save money and CO2 emissions!
  • Host an eco-swap.
    Have some old stuff you want to get rid of? Do it the green way by inviting a group of friends to your house for an eco-swap where everyone trades their own old items for someone else’s old items. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure!
  • Plan a nature hike.
    Take in the beauty of nature by planning a hike with family and friends. Getting out in to the great outdoors is a great way to really appreciate what nature has to offer us. Find some great hikes around Jacksonville
  • Plant a tree.
    Give back to the Mother Nature by planting a new tree! Make this a fun family project by picking out a new tree together. Let everyone do their part to plant it and then watch it grow with your family for years to come! Make sure to call before you dig and to follow good tree-planting practices