Understanding How Your JEA SmartSavings Bill is Calculated

If you are in the JEA SmartSavings program, you will no longer be charged for electricity based on the kWh you use. Instead you will be charged based on how much demand you place on the system and when you require it. You will continue to be charged a Fuel Cost, Environmental Charge, Basic Monthly Charge, as well as fees and taxes.

You will have two Demand charges - one for your highest demand during Peak Hours for the month, and one for your highest demand for the month, regardless of when it occurs. This rate structure creates an incentive for customers to use less electricity when demand is high and to spread out your appliance use, giving you opportunities to save.

Demand Rate Sample Bill

JEA SmartSavings Rates

Customers on the SmartSavings Residential Pilot Program will see two demand rates on their monthly bill: 

  • The highest demand (kW) for the month is $3.75 per kW. This charge covers the cost to deliver electricity from the generating station to your home. 
  • This highest demand (kW) during Peak Hours for the month is $4.90 per kW PH. The peak hours demand charge pays for generation. 

By managing how and when you use electricity, and by avoiding the Peak Hours, you can keep your energy demand down – which means a lower utility bill.

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