Background Information About Demand Pilot

As JEA looks to the future to support our community’s growing population, it is critical that we consider all infrastructure impacts and needs.

JEA is required to maintain a 15% reserve capacity for electricity generation. This reserve is required as a state-wide protection in case of the loss of an electric generating unit, transmission line, etc. The end goal is to provide enough electricity at all times so our community does not experience a blackout.

The 15% reserve capacity mandate means that at all times, JEA must create enough electricity to accommodate every single customer using the maximum amount of electricity they can at one time – plus an extra 15%. That is a lot of electricity! Adding a new power plant is a costly venture. Instead, JEA is looking to alternative ways to ensure we can meet our customers’ needs well into the future – without the costly burden of a new power plant.

JEA SmartSavings offers an equitable way to redistribute the power supply we already have in place. If customers try to minimize their usage during Peak Hours and use only one major appliance at a time during all hours of the day, the demand on the power system will be eased. Those who are not willing to make these changes will pay the higher Peak Hours rate.

This type of program is being offered by more and more utilities around the country as part of planning for the future and helping to keep utility costs affordable. JEA's pilot program is based on the demand when and how customers use energy - focusing on timing and how many appliances you run at the same time. It is a program based on the demand on the electric system - yours as an individual user and the community’s as a whole. 

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