Fuel Credit

At JEA, we are proud to give each and every one of our customers a fuel credit on their bill when market conditions allow.

JEA’s use of a diverse fuel mix, including natural gas and coal, allows us to switch to the lowest cost fuel to generate electricity. This flexibility generates a fuel-cost savings, and when we save, our customers save. In April 2013, July 2014, April 2015, and October 2015 we passed this savings on to our customers.

Fuel Credit Bill

How We Determine Your Fuel Credit

Once JEA’s Board of Directors approves a fuel credit, the total amount to be returned to customers is divided by the projected total kilowatt hours used by all customers in a certain billing period. This determines the amount of credit per kilowatt hour. The amount of each customer’s credit is then based on the number of kilowatt hours of electricity a customer used in this billing period multiplied by the credit per kilowatt hour. 

Calculating Your Credit

Total Fuel Credit dollars ($60 million/October 2015) 
 1,041,712,758 kilowatt hours (historical median consumption for all JEA customers in October)
$0.05765 per kilowatt hour

Customers can further determine their fuel credit by multiplying the kilowatt hours on their bill for October 2015 by $0.05765. For example, in October, if a meter showed a customer used 1,000 kWh:

1,000 kWh

$57.65 Fuel Credit/October 2015 Fuel Credit

It’s always great to receive a credit on your bill when you aren’t expecting it. And we know our customers have enjoyed the Fuel Credit in the past. We also like returning these savings to customers and will to do it again in the years ahead if the cost of fuel allows.