Sales Scams

Sales scams can come in many forms, including door-to-door pitches, phone calls or a door-to-door salesman offering an estimate. Here are just a few of the scams happening in our area:

Rooftop Solar Scam

Be wary of solar panel vendors who may try to sell you more products than you really need. Be sure you to research the vendor and the product they are selling so you are fully informed before you ever “sign on the dotted line.”

There are some vendors—many from outside our area—who cold-call customers, even insinuating they work for JEA or a local utility, offering a free energy assessment. Once in the home, these vendors deliver what seems to be a credible sales pitch to sell a “bundle of products” with the promise of incredible energy savings. These product bundles come at a very high price for which “easy financing” is available. What the vendors do not say is that most of these “extra” products are NOT needed; they only serve to drive up the price and produce more profit for the vendor.

Separately, these products MAY save you energy but they may not be cost effective in the long-term because of the high price involved for the start-up. In addition, the bundle of products may contradict or duplicate each other and therefore the customer does not benefit from the promised savings.

JEA strongly encourages customers to “do their homework.” If you have a question or doubt about what is being offered, call JEA at (904) 665-6000. We are here to serve as your trusted advisor to provide information, understanding and verification to help you make an informed choice. Do not sign anything until you are sure of what you are getting. JEA can offer many alternative options and opportunities for comparison.  

Energy Assessment Fraud

Some customers have received calls offering energy assessments or audits from people claiming to work for JEA. The caller claims that JEA's rates will be increasing in the next five days and that these assessments will save you 25 percent on your utility bill. While JEA does offer energy assessments, our assessments are always free. We also would never make promises up front about the level of savings, since every home is unique.  

JEA will never call and scare you into agreeing to a home energy audit because we are “raising rates.” JEA has no rate increases scheduled at this time. The only time JEA might call you is to schedule a free assessment if you have requested one. 

How a Legitimate JEA Assessment Works

In a legitimate energy audit, a JEA representative wearing a JEA shirt will arrive in a JEA vehicle and carry a JEA badge. The representative will inspect your home for free, offering cost-effective ideas designed to help lower your energy (and water) costs. He or she will not try to sell you anything. If you would like to sign up for a free energy assessment, call us at (904) 665-6000. Again, you call us asking for this service. We will never call you about these services.
Learn About JEA Energy Assessments

Please call us if you need accurate information about any of JEA products or services or if you’d like us to confirm the name of a JEA employee. If you feel you’ve been targeted by someone making phony claims in JEA’s name, please call the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office at (904) 630-0500 or the State Attorney’s office at (904) 630-2440.

Water Testing Scam

JEA water customers may also be targets of scammers. Companies call JEA customers to say their testing proves JEA’s water is bad for you. Don’t believe them! Our water comes from the pristine Floridan aquifer some 1,000 feet underground, where it’s protected from contaminants by a thick layer of clay. Be careful if the caller offers to test your water for free. Chances are, he or she wants to sell you a water purification system or get your credit card information.
Learn About the Safety of JEA's Water 

"Clean Power" Sales Pitch

Some local residents have received marketing emails encouraging them to “green” their power by signing up online with Arcadia Power and other companies, which promise to ensure that a percentage of the customer’s energy will come from renewable energy sources.  

Please note these companies are in no way affiliated with JEA. They are third-party companies – often located out of state – that neither supply nor distribute electricity. Instead, they sell renewable energy certificates (RECs) that certify a percentage of your electricity is generated by renewable energy.

JEA customers interested in green power already have that option. Through JEA’s SolarSmart program, residents can opt to have a percentage of their energy generated by local solar farms without installing solar panels on their home or paying additional fees to third-party, out-of-state companies. Learn more at

Storm Preparation Tip

Make sure your JEA account information is up to date so we can reach you with power restoration updates.

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