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Get To Know Your Home’s Envelope

What is your home’s envelope? It’s everything on the perimeter of your home that helps keep it the temperature you want.

This common home renovation is comprised of a moisture barrier, a thermal barrier, and an air barrier around your house. When these barriers work in unison they will ensure that your AC or heat stays in your home for your family’s comfort at the lowest cost possible. Learn more about improving your home’s envelope:

Sealing Your Home 

Insulating Your Home 

  • Adequate attic insulation is a critical component of energy efficiency. In fact, doing an attic insulation upgrade can help you control your energy bills. 
  • Insulating your home can reduce the amount of heat that flows, reducing cooling and heating costs. Heat flows from warm areas to cool areas. In Florida, this often means heat is flowing from a warm outdoors into an air-conditioned indoors. On winter days, heat flows from a warm inside to a cold outside. So consider insulation to help reduce your overall cooling and heating costs.

Additional Measures

  • Radiant barriers are most effective in blocking summer radiant heat gain and saving air-conditioning costs.
  • Your roof is an investment. It is also your first line of defense in protecting your home and its valuable contents against the elements.  

ShopSmart with JEA New Home Build

ShopSmart with JEA New Home Build is an incentive-based program offered by JEA and the Northeast Florida Builders Association (NEFBA) which promotes the use of green building practices in new single-family homes constructed in JEA’s service area. Learn more about ShopSmart with JEA New Home Build.