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ShopSmart with JEA New Home Build

For potential new home buyers, purchasing a home with multiple energy efficient measures, such as high efficiency HVAC systems, ENERGY STAR pin-based lighting fixtures, and ENERGY STAR appliances, will help lower the utility bills for a new construction home as well as increase  comfort and provide a healthy living environment.  JEA encourages new home buyers to ask the builder about the energy efficient components that are included in a new home. 

Beginning August 1, 2012, JEA will provide rebates for high efficiency measures to New Construction Builders for homes built in the JEA Service Territory.

Eligible measures for rebates include:

Installation of ENERGY STAR qualified high efficiency HVAC systems that exceed the Florida Energy Code. JEA rebates are limited to two HVAC system installations per property.

 HVAC Rebates: 

  • Up  to $200 on a new energy-efficient central air conditioner
    • 14.0 to 14.9 SEER split system A/C—$125
    • 15.0 to 15.9 SEER split system A/C—$150
    • 16.0 SEER  and greater split system A/C—$200 
  • Up to $200 on a new air-source heat pump
    • 14.5 to 14.9 SEER split system heat pump—$125
    • 15.0 to 15.9 SEER split system heat pump—$150
    • 16.0 SEER and greater split system heat pump—$200  

Lighting Rebates: 
Pin-based lighting fixtures = $10.00 per fixture installed
NOTE: JEA encourages the use of CFL light bulbs in all appropriate areas of a New Build Home.  

Pin-based lighting fixtures = $10.00 per fixture installed NOTE: JEA encourages the use of CFL light bulbs in all appropriate areas of a New Build Home.  

Appliance Rebates:  

ENERGY STAR refrigerators and clothes washers = $25.00 per installed appliance. Limit of two of each appliance per property.

Solar Water Heater Rebate: 

Installation of a Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC) certified domestic solar hot water system. 

  • For custom homes where the  buyer has specifically requested a solar thermal domestic water heating system
  • Limit of one system per home
  • Requires installation by a JEA “pre-qualified” solar contractor.
  • Each installation must include freeze protection as recommended for Northeast Florida installations.

Solar Hot Water System Rebate is $800.

The Solar Thermal system installer must provide the Builder with all required data and documentation to request the appropriate rebate. A JEA informational brochure on Solar Thermal System is in development which must be provided to every perspective buyer requesting a Solar Thermal System to insure that the perspective buyer is aware of the energy savings and cost benefits of having a solar thermal system.

Builder Program Information: 

Rebates will be available for homes permitted beginning August 1, 2012. 

For required forms, click here for Anticipated Participation (Appendix A) and click here for Measures Checklist (Appendix B).

*JEA endorses the construction of highly efficient residential homes in the JEA service territory including homes built to ENERGY STAR V3, FLORIDA ENERGY STAR version 3.1, Builder’s Challenge, Florida Water Star, Florida Green Building Coalition, Florida Green Building Homes, LEED-H and NABH Green Certification standards. Information on the benefits of new construction homes built to these standards will be provided for JEA customers on JEA’s customer web site. JEA will continue to encourage customers to seek out builders that differentiate themselves in the market by building to these higher standards to achieve safer, more comfortable, sustainable and efficient homes. JEA will continue to review the market trends and technologies for opportunities to add cost effective measures to this program.