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JEA's Solar Incentive Program Details

Incentive Details

JEA is not involved in pricing solar energy systems; this is determined by the customer and solar vendor. However, the table below summarizes the incentives for each particular solar installation. The customer has to work out financing and/or payment with the solar vendor he selects.

The federal tax credit for installing energy efficient improvements, like a high efficiency central air conditioner or heat pump, hot water heater, or other measures, was extended retroactively for 2012 and through 2013. For complete details and eligibility, click here.   

JEA Solar Power Incentives

Solar Thermal

Residential Hot Water1: $800 per installation from JEA.        

Commercial Hot Water: 30% of total installed cost ($5,000 max)

($5,000 maximum incentive per project)2  

  1. Medium temperature collector.  
  2. JEA reserves the right to limit funds for this program. This maximum may be waived by JEA based on business conditions, availability of funds, and projected residual funds required to fund the Program for the balance of the year. This potential waiver does not guarantee that 100% of the incentive (above $5,000) will be available.  


  • If other incentives (rebates, grants, etc.) are used to fund a solar system, these funds combined with JEA funds can not exceed the cost of the system. JEA requires the disclosure of other incentives at the time the Incentive Fund Request form and Solar Certificate are submitted. Calculation example: Cost of system - Other incentive - JEA incentive = Net cost of system.
  • If a solar system is moved from its installed location JEA is to be notified prior to relocation. These systems are not eligible for additional solar incentive dollars.
  • Rebates are available for JEA electric customers only.
  • For more information on our Solar Incentive Program, please call our ShopSmart with JEA hotline at 877-862-7043 or email us: