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Partners Help JEA Plan for Tomorrow’s Energy Needs

We’re working hard to increase our use of green energy—that is, renewable resources like solar power, biomass from plants and landfill gas. In 1999, we signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Sierra Club and the American Lung Association of Florida. We committed to seek to generate at least 7.5 percent of our electric capacity from clean and green energy sources by 2015. Environmental stakeholders are providing input as we determine the best ways to achieve this goal.

Here are more ways we’re working to sustain energy:

  • We assume part of the cost for residential and commercial customers who want to install solar water heaters at their homes or businesses. To learn more, go to JEA's Solar Incentive Program.
  • We’ve placed 35 photovoltaic (solar) power generating systems on high schools and other community buildings in our service area. Our early efforts earned the 2001 Solar Electric Power Association Award of Solar Program Achievement.
  • We’re providing training and educational programs to high school teachers so they can teach their students about solar energy.
  • We generate green energy by burning methane gas from one of our sewage treatment plants and from several local landfills, capturing the energy that would be lost if we merely burned off the gas.
  • We’ve installed solar power systems at Jacksonville University and Florida State College at Jacksonville and partnered with them to perform solar research and train the local workforce in solar system sales, installation, maintenance and repair.
  • In 2011, we have begun co-firing biomass in the form of JEA tree trimming material at our Northside Generating Station circulating fluidized bed boilers.
  • We have net metering programs for customers that have customer-owned renewable generation systems up to 2 MW.

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