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JEA Employees Volunteer in Our Community

Super Volunteer Sheila Horn

Our employees are your neighbors, and understand the need to give back to our community. One such employee is Sheila Horn, who has worked at JEA for nearly 29 years. She is a regular volunteer with JEA at the Clara White Mission and helps JEA employees raise money for the United Way of Northeast Florida while serving as coordinator for all the charity participation in her department. In addition to volunteering with JEA, Sheila feeds the homeless with her church and volunteers at the City Rescue Mission and Summerbrook Nursing Home. She is just one example of many JEA employees who volunteer their time to help our community.

Since 1997, JEA employees have raised nearly $6 million for the United Way of Northeast Florida. Each year, they donate another $100,000 to Community Health Charities. And when hands-on help is needed, JEA employees volunteer with Builders Care, the St. Johns River Cleanup and Habijax. They donate items during companywide drives for food, toys and school supplies, and collect specific items for families during the holidays. As a local employer of about 2,000 residents, JEA plays a role in mobilizing our workforce to help the community.

Watch a video of JEA volunteers and learn more about our partners.