JEA Power Pals

Power Pals FriendsIn this 4-week program, first grade students learn about electric safety through fun, interactive activities. JEA employees join students in their classrooms, explaining good safety practices and how to spot dangers that may be inside or outside their homes.

The teaching materials include examples of safe and unsafe cords, outlets and outdoor electric hazards. In addition, worksheets are completed in class, and there are take-home activities for students to practice basic electric safety rules outside of the classroom. Each student will be awarded a certificate of completion and officially welcomed as a JEA Power Pal!

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Learn Electric Safety Inside and Outside of the Home

  • Identify and avoid common electric hazards
  • Learn the difference between safe and unsafe outlets
  • Understand the danger of electricity and liquids
  • When there is lightning outside, it is important to stay inside

Power Pals in One Hour

We also offer our Power Pals 1-Hour Program for young students. It is self-contained and can easily fit into kid’s programs such as summer camps, community center programs, church groups or after-school programs! Materials are brought to life with visual aids, worksheets and lively discussions between the JEA Ambassadors and the students. 

Download the JEA Power Pals Worksheets

We look forward to introducing this program to an elementary school in your neighborhood soon! 

Storm Preparation Tip

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