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Nonprofit Agency Support

Helping Nonprofits Help Our Community

JEA proudly works with Northeast Florida nonprofits to help maximize the financial resources they have set aside for those who need assistance with their utility needs.

By working hand in hand with customers in financial need and with nonprofits, JEA helps customers avoid incurring additional expenses such as disconnect charges. This allows nonprofits to use their resources to help more residents keep their power on and their water flowing. 

Nonprofit Assistance Programs 

Payment Vouchers
Vouchers allow nonprofits to apply funds directly to a client’s JEA account. By faxing or emailing vouchers to the specified number or email address, JEA can process them within 24 hours on business days.

Deposit of Agency Funds
JEA works with agencies who wish to set up Agency Client Funds Accounts. These help agencies reduce administrative costs and improve timeliness of getting funds into their clients' accounts. These funds are placed in a non-interest-bearing account and monies are disseminated only when directly authorized by designated nonprofit representatives. Each month, JEA sends a summary of all transfers from the nonprofit account similar to a bank statement for a checking account.

Web Portal Account Access
JEA offers access to our web portal to aid nonprofits in managing voucher programs. This allows agencies to:

  • Verify the person who is responsible for the account
  • Verify outstanding account balances
  • Identify whether or when vouchers from other agencies have been used by the client over the last 12 months
  • View the client’s payment history
  • Access information that helps them assist clients through their own budget management education efforts.

Nonprofits interested in participating in any of these programs should call (904) 665-4444.