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JEA Volunteers

JEA Building Community

At JEA, we’re not only building community with reliable electric, water and wastewater services, we’re building community with our volunteer work, as well. Just a few of the ways that we give back to the community are to help build and renovate homes, pick up trash from the shores of the St. Johns River and serve meals to the homeless. Our employees also volunteer at various local non-profit agencies. These projects give our employees a firsthand opportunity to see the impact of the assistance these agencies provide to the community.

We lend our minds and our experience to non-profit boards like the American Red Cross and Rotary International and we donate generously every year during drives for both United Way and Community Health Charities.

Our employees also proudly participate in corporate-sponsored projects with local nonprofit organizations, including:

By participating in these community programs, JEA employees have the opportunity to give back. Many times, employees who participate in our program go back on their own time to volunteer. JEA employees may also distribute conservation messages and tools to homeowners to help customers in need reduce their utility bills. It’s all part of bettering our communities and helping them conserve more.

We’re committed to what we do because many of us are JEA customers, too. At JEA we’re building community because it’s our community. will be temporarily unavailable for 30 minutes at approximately 12am Friday April 17 due to system maintenance. We apologize for the inconvenience.