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053-14 Evaluations for 053-14 Electrical and Civil Engineering Services for the Rosselle 26/4kV Substation Rebuild

04/16/14 Evaluations for RFP 053-14 Electrical and Civil Engineering Services for the Rosselle 26/4kV Substation Rebuild

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JSEB Companies and Potential New Vendors Seminar

04/17/14 An afternoon seminar with JSEB Companies & Potential New Vendors to discuss business opportunities with JEA every third (3rd) Thursday of each month 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm

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Procurement Awards Committee

04/17/14 Weekly Procurement Awards Committee

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Volunteer Spotlight James Sumpter

Volunteer Spotlight

Each month we feature a JEA volunteer who goes above and beyond when answering the call to volunteer. This month's employee volunteer is James Sumpter, a Mechanical Technician at JEA, who enjoys getting out in the community and making a difference in the lives of others.

Pride in Public Power

October 7 – 13, JEA marked National Public Power Week, along with 2,000 other municipal utilities nationwide, as a time to remind consumers of the benefits of public power.

JEA Volunteers at Work

JEA employees are proud to work and live in the communities we serve. This is just one of the reasons JEA employees support a broad array of charitable organizations they are passionate about.

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Kids Learn to Conserve with “ReDuce”

JEA’s own lovable alien, "ReDuce," from the planet "GoGreen" is in search of a better light and better way of life. He’s come to Earth to find out more about conservation and efficiency and he is ready to make a special trip to your school to share tips and explain why conservation is so important. Let ReDuce visit your school.

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We Need Your Two Cents

JEA is your not-for-profit, community-owned utility. We need to know what you think about our service, how we spend the money you pay us and how we communicate with you.

Neighborhood Construction

JEA’s construction projects are improving the quality of life in our community by upgrading and expanding Jacksonville’s water, sewer and electric systems. Learn what we’re doing in your neighborhood, and why.