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Employee Volunteering

HabiJax VolunteeringJEA employees are our strongest connection to the communities we service and are committed to making a difference through volunteerism.

Our employees volunteer throughout the year with various organizations to help improve the quality of life for our customers. JEA employees volunteer thousands of hours to help build homes, clean-up along the river, serve meals to those in need, even read stories to children.

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Spotlighting Our Employee Volunteers

Employee Volunteer of the MonthIf there’s a category for people born with a heart for volunteering, JEA’s Ruth-Ann belongs in it.  

Ruth-Ann is an office support associate at JEA’s Commonwealth Service Center, where’s she’s often put in charge of organizing employees for donations and drives. She doesn’t mind. She loves the work. 

“Volunteering isn’t always about going out and doing things.  It can be about raising awareness for a nonprofit that someone didn’t know anything about,” she said. 

Ruth-Ann explained that she recently asked a fellow employee to donate some new underwear and/or socks for a JEA drive to help Dignity U Wear. The employee had never heard about this local nonprofit, so Ruth-Ann explained how it was started by a local survivor of a Nazi concentration camp who never wanted anyone to feel as desperate and abandoned as he did when he was finally released from Auschwitz in a tattered prison uniform and without underwear or socks.

“Honestly, I think raising awareness might be more important than going out and volunteering,” Ruth-Ann said.

Ruth-Ann also does a lot of “going out and volunteering” as a JEA employee. She’s helped pull weeds at CattyShack and pick oranges to benefit the mentally impaired in Mandarin.

So why does Ruth-Ann have such a volunteer heart?  Here’s her answer.

“We all have something to give; whether it is time, money or talents - we all have the opportunity to make a difference.” Ruth-Ann said. “You never know the impact you will have on another human and the world unless you step out and take the chance.”