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HabiJax VolunteeringJEA employees are our strongest connection to the communities we service and are committed to making a difference through volunteerism.

Our employees volunteer throughout the year with various organizations to help improve the quality of life for our customers. JEA employees volunteer thousands of hours to help build homes, clean-up along the river, serve meals to those in need, even read stories to children.

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Spotlighting Our Employee Volunteers

Employee Volunteer of the Month

Narciso, JEA’S manager of electrical technicians at our Northside Generating Station Plant, is not your average JEA volunteer. That’s because when Narciso signs up to participate in a weekend event, he almost never shows up alone. 

“I bring my family and many of my friends to volunteer with me,” he said. “We get to see and experience what’s happening in Jacksonville. It also helps my nieces in high school get their community service hours,” he said.

Narciso and his family members have helped out at a long list of events ranging from the Donna Marathon Weekend to the No More Homeless Pets Mega Adoption event. He believes it’s important for JEA employees to volunteer because it helps the community get to know their community-owned utility. 

“When I wear the JEA volunteer shirt and hat, it’s like a magnet for people to ask questions about JEA,” Narciso said, adding that the best part comes when the folks he meets volunteering give him a thumbs up and a smile.

“I know it is not just for me,” Narciso said, “but for JEA, which I represent.” 

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