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Hurricane Sandy Victims Say Thank You

Email compliments from grateful Long Island residents

JEA continues to receive many compliments from Long Island customers. Many mentioned how polite our crews were. Long Island is getting a dose of our southern hospitality!  

From Denise

I would just like to say THANK YOU FOR HELPING MY FAMILY get back to semi normal from Hurricane Sandy.. I am so very proud of what you guys have done to help them out... I am so far away and it does my heart good to know that the state that I now live in helped them out.... VERY GOOD JOB GUYS... may god bless your family .....

From Holly

Hello! My name is Holly and I live in the Lake Panamoka section of Ridge NY. I just wanted to thank your guys who were sent up here to help us out. They were great, polite and a real help. I hope they found most people here grateful for their assistance, but if that was not always the case, let me just apologize for them. Unfortunately many people were cold, in the dark and unable to get straight answers…, therefore angry, but again, I hope they found most of us to be nice and happy to see them. Wonderful people and thanks again for letting us borrow them. They did talk kinda funny though! LOL

From Jessica

Just wanted to send a thank you to all the hardworking people that have come to my area to help restore power after super storm sandy!
There has been a lot of negativity on the news about the electric and not enough praise for the hard work being done!
Thank you all for your help! It's greatly appreciated in this rough time!!

From Joann

Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!! After a week without power, your company got us up and running in Wading River, New York tonight! I spoke with a few of your men and they were so very nice and assured us they were working hard to get us lights. We are very grateful to your company and your crews for coming and helping us in our time of need. Bless you all!  

From Lynne

Rocky Point, Long Island New York
THANK YOU JEA Electric for your help up here in Long Island, NY. This was day 7 of no power when we saw the JEA trucks. What a sight for sore eyes!!!! Unfortunately, we needed a transformer and they said they would be back in and hour and a half. However, 30 to 45 minutes later they were back, in full force, transformer in hand! Within 20 minutes our long wait came to an end and our power was restored! Your crew was friendly, courteous and understanding! Our own company did not know we were still without power. A neighbor saw one of your trucks who then came, inspected and found the problem!

Thank you JEA Electric, your crew and friends and family of those who are up here helping us after this devastating storm!

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