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Hurricane Safety

Frequently Asked Questions:
  • Does JEA restore power to one side of town before another?arrow
  • During or after a hurricane, should I call JEA at (904) 665-6000 to tell the utility I don't have power?arrow
  • During the restoration effort, will JEA assess late fees to customers who don't pay on time?arrow
  • During the storm, does JEA plan to keep the power and water on or will you turn the power, water and sewer plants off at some point for safety?arrow
  • For people whose homes were flooded, is there anything they should do before turning their power back on at their breaker box?arrow
  • How do you decide who gets power first?arrow
  • If a Boil Water Advisory is issued, but power is out, how do people make sure their water is safe?arrow
  • If I see a sewer overflow, what should I do?arrow
  • If Jacksonville experiences tremendous damage, will JEA go underground with the replacement electric system?arrow
  • If people lose power or water service, what should they do?arrow
  • If there is widespread destruction of the electric system, how will JEA re-build the system quickly?arrow
  • Is food left in refrigerators safe to eat after the power has been out?arrow
  • Should people who evacuate do anything special to help minimize damage to the electric and plumbing systems in their homes?arrow
  • What about damage on my property?arrow
  • What about trees that block my driveway or the roadway?arrow
  • What advice do you have for people who are thinking of buying a generator?arrow
  • What does JEA do immediately after a hurricane passes?arrow
  • What does JEA tell people about downed electric lines?arrow
  • What if I, or someone in my home, rely upon medical equipment powered by electricity? Will JEA restore my power first?arrow
  • What is JEA doing to prepare for this hurricane?arrow
  • What should people who rely on electricity for medical equipment do?arrow
  • What should residents be doing to prepare?arrow
  • People have called local news stations complaining that their neighbor (next door? next street?) got power back on before they did. Why is that happening? Why am I the only one in my neighborhood without lights?arrow
  • Will JEA reimburse customers for the cost of food lost to spoilage?arrow