How to Apply for the Distributed Generation Program

Customers who purchase a renewable generation system for their home or business and wish to connect it to JEA’s power grid must apply for the Distributed Generation Program and follow certain steps to ensure the safety and reliability of the customer and the electric grid.

For More Information About the Program:

Engineering Standards

JEA requires that customer renewable generation systems are installed within the guidelines of its ES 20202 902 engineering standard.

Prepare Your Application

  1. Review JEA's Distributed Generation Policy (PDF), which details how to connect a renewable generation system to JEA’s grid.
  2. Complete JEA’s Application for Interconnection of Customer-Owned Distributed Generation Systems. This application will provide JEA with the specifications of the system you are considering as well as your location. JEA engineers will review the application to ensure that the proper equipment is installed to protect the electric grid and JEA personnel working on the grid circuits where customer renewable systems are connected.
  3. Complete JEA's Distributed Generation Interconnection Agreement (PDF). This explains the applicable responsibilities, electrical codes and standards, inspections, system protection, metering and other requirements for connecting to JEA’s power grid.
  4. Complete an IRS W-9 Form (PDF). This form is required by the IRS in the event that the amount of credits received by a customer exceeds $600 per year.

Customers who are considering installing a distributed generation system:

Submit Your Application

Before installing a renewable generation system at your home or business, please submit your completed interconnection agreement, application and W-9 form to JEA for approval.



JEA DSM Coordinator
21 W Church Street – T-12
Jacksonville, FL 32202