Construction Phase of a Water and Wastewater Development Project

After JEA Development approves your project and all applicable permits are in hand, you are ready to set up a pre-construction meeting with the JEA Development Team and the Construction Inspection Team.

  1. Pre-Construction Meeting: Once final design approval has been given and all applicable permits are issued, a pre-construction meeting can be scheduled. Complete our Water Wastewater Pre-Construction Request Form to schedule a meeting.
  2. A JEA inspector will be assigned to your project. Please allow a 48-hour advance notice for taps, pressure tests, and any other project milestones that will be discussed during the pre-construction meeting.
  3. Complete the required testing for JEA dedicated utilities (pressure tests, bacteriological tests, etc.) as shown on the Pre-Construction Meeting Checklist
  4. Submit as-builts using the JEA As-Built Submittal Transmittal form, shop drawing submittals (for JEA pump stations or any non-standard appurtenance) and any revisions to the Development Group. Revisions must be submitted with a PDF file.

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As-Built drawings represent the final detailed 'blueprints' as to how infrastructure was installed during construction.

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