Shared Services

JEA’s Shared Services Department is comprised of Facilities Capital and Operations and Maintenance, Real Estate, and JEA Locates groups. Shared Services is accountable for operations & maintenance for over 1,758 JEA facilities and 628 JEA buildings. We manage all real estate transactions and locate chilled water, electric, fiber, reclaimed water, water, and wastewater underground utility lines. We deliver business excellence by serving our business partners in a safe, financially sound,  high quality sense of urgency. We strive to be the best in class operationally by developing a high performance unbeatable team and organizationally help JEA reach its corporate goals.

Shared Services Standards Manuals

Shared Services Standards is responsible for approval of materials and the design standards used in the construction of its facilities and buildings. If you have any questions regarding these manuals, please contact usNote: Currently, “Facilities Standards” is the only manual available for viewing. 

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Sometimes you need As-Built drawings to represent the final detailed 'blueprints' as to how amd infrastructure was actually installed during the construction phase.

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