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In the spirit of the Sunshine Law, JEA supports the right of access to public records and places a variety of documents online for public viewing. In Florida, disclosure is the standard unless the Legislature allows an exemption. If there are exemptions within a request, documents are edited accordingly and the statutory reference that necessitates the edit is noted.

If a request involves extensive use of technology or labor, which JEA designates as 30 minutes or more, then a charge for the production of records will be assessed. A good faith estimate will be given to the requester upon receiving a request and must be agreed upon prior to initiating. Payment of the agreed fee amount must be paid prior to receipt of records.

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For inquiries regarding billing records or past consumption usage, please call JEA Customer Service at (904) 665-6000 or contact us.  


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You may also submit a Public Records Request by contacting us:

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