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Paul McElroy, CEO/Managing Director  

   Paul McElroy
JEA is strongly committed to maintaining and continuously developing an inclusive culture of excellence that values the diverse talents and contributions of all employees. I believe a workforce that is diverse in thought, culture, experience and talent creates a sustained competitive advantage for growth and success, and drives innovation and operational efficiency. I believe a diverse workforce enriches the workplace environment and will help us connect better with our customers. Looking forward and planning for the future, we will honor our culture and leverage our achievements in operating excellence while focusing on our customers and community.

We are committed to realizing the untapped potential of all employees and supporting their growth and development. JEA is a community-owned utility; therefore, we have a higher responsibility to reflect the community we serve. Our customers are changing and we need to mirror that change internally, and engage actively across the community, including supplier diversity.

As a leader in the marketplace, we must ensure that our workforce is representative of the best and the brightest talent, and that we are diverse at all levels of the organization. We will fully embed diversity and inclusion in all aspects of our business culture.

As we continue our diversity journey into the future, we celebrate the sunsets that are behind us and anticipate the sunrises ahead ... our journey continues! 

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Angie Hiers, Chief Human Resources Officer

   Angelia Hiers
Diversity and cultural competency must play a major role in every organization and should be a part of the core culture.  In order for a company to be successful and competitive in product offerings or even in the bid for talent, an organization must go beyond diversity training and diversity recruitment.  It must embrace a big picture strategy that significantly integrates the company’s understanding of cultural competency and issues into critical company policies, procedures and initiatives.

JEA is fully committed to diversity and cultural competency and understands that ignoring these factors prohibits productivity and overall company performance.  We strive to make sure that our management team and employee base value this perspective in all that we do.

Walette Stamford, Director, Emerging Workforce Strategies

Our goal is to attract, retain and develop a highly skilled workforce, comprised of many different people with diverse talents and abilities. Therefore, it is critical to our success to fully engage employees with unique opinions and perspectives, in an inclusive work environment, to promote creative business solutions and growth as an industry leader.

Ultimately, it is our vision to be recognized as a corporate leader in achieving excellence by valuing the individual contributions and needs of all our employees, while branding JEA as an employer of choice in the communities we serve. At JEA, our employees are our greatest asset. Our success in diversity starts with building ongoing relationships with organizations, colleges and potential candidates over time so that when opportunities become available JEA is well positioned to draw from a pool of talented and diverse applicants. We believe that a workforce that is diverse in thought, culture, experience and talent creates a sustained competitive advantage for the continued growth and success of JEA.