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College Internships

Make a Difference with a JEA Internship

In 2013, JEA proudly hosted 94 high school and college students in a wide variety of internship and mentoring programs. These programs provide hands-on experience for students already enrolled in degree and technical programs in their chosen field.

Our interns, co-ops and mentoring students work directly with JEA employees trained to guide them through the work environment, while also teaching them about the utility industry. Students often get the chance to help complete special projects while working side-by-side with our employees.

Our internship and co-op opportunities include work in these JEA departments: 

  • Diverse StudentsEngineering
  • Informational Systems
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Administrative Servies
  • Human Resources
  • Biology & Chemistry
  • Health Science
  • Political Science/Pre-Law

What's the difference between a co-op and an internship?

Both provide work experience related to your college major. However, co-ops can be multi-term. For example, a student co-op might work in the summer, go to school in the fall and work again at JEA the following spring semester. Internships are usually – but not always – one term and are usually in the summer.

Here are some examples of the programs JEA provides to high school and college students:  

  • JEA Co-op Program

    20+ student positions, paid for 12-13 weeks
    For more information, please email

  • Mayor’s Summer Work Program

    Students age 18+, assigned by the Mayor’s Office for internships paid by JEA
    For more information, please contact the Mayor’s Office at 630-CITY for an application.

  • JEA Collegiate Leadership Program

    Local college students, unpaid
    For more information, please email

  • The BridgeWorks Program

    High school students work at JEA for 6 weeks, paid for through a grant from the Bridge of Northeast Florida. For more information, please contact the Bridge of Northeast Florida for an application at 354-6352

  • Raines High School - Get Into Energy Summer Intern Program

    2 students for 5 weeks, paid for through a grant from the Florida Energy Consortium.
    For more information, please contact the Raines HS Guidance Counselor.

  • Florida State College at Jacksonville Interns

    2 college students for academic credit only.
    For more information contact your guidance counselor.

  • Bridge of Northeast Florida Mentoring Program

    10 high school students engage in a year long mentorship program (ages 16 to 18).
    For more information, please contact the Bridge of Northeast Florida at 354-6352