Small Business Efficiency Rebates

InvestSmart with JEA offers rebates to small businesses for making some energy efficient upgrades. Energy efficiency upgrades are a smart investment and help your business save energy every day. Daily savings add up to monthly savings on your utility bill - ultimately improving your business' bottom line.   

The incentives are available for commercial customers who make qualifying efficiency upgrades and have a cumulative 12-month energy consumption less than or equal to 200,000 kWh. To help determine how your business can maximize savings and energy use, JEA offers a free audit for qualifying customers. Through this audit, JEA provides incentives for small businesses to make qualifying energy efficient installations and upgrades.

Get Started

  1. Email your request for a free audit to
  2. An InvestSmart with JEA Small Business Contractor will contact you to schedule an energy audit.
  3. Following the energy audit, the Small Business Contractor will schedule the installation work.
  4. Pay Small Business Contractor original amount, less rebate shown on invoice.

Examples of Qualifying Measures

  • High performance T5/T8 systems
  • Hardwired and permanent CFL fixtures
  • LED exit signs
  • Wall-and ceiling-mounted occupancy sensors
  • Door Gaskets 
  • Auto-Closers
  • Strip Curtains 
  • Night Covers
  • Energy Star Ice Machines
  • ECM Motors


  • Lower electric bills
  • Increased productivity
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Improved workspace comfort

For more information about InvestSmart with JEA, please contact us:

*JEA provides rebates to approved Small Business Solutions Alliance Contractors intended to cover a significant portion of the typical installation costs for qualifying lighting equipment. Rebates will not be paid directly to the customer but will be reflected in the final invoice. 

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