Custom Business Energy Rebates

Commercial customers can apply for individual efficiency measures, or combine energy-efficiency measures and equipment that make sense for your facility. You will be required to submit specific information for each measure and conduct energy engineering and commissioning activities at your own cost. Eligible measures must be installed at a JEA commercial customer facility/facilities on one of our JEA commercial electric rate schedules.

  • Lower electric bills
  • Increase productivity
  • Longer equipment life
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Improve comfort in the workspace
  • On-site assessment by your InvestSmart with JEA representative and/or technical consultant
  • Recommendations for energy improvements

Qualifying Custom Measures

JEA provides select customers with financial incentives for installing qualifying electric savings measures including HVAC systems, motors, variable speed drives, lighting, building controls, pumps, etc. that aren’t specified under the other InvestSmart with JEA lists.

  • HVAC upgrades: Constant volume systems upgraded to variable air volume system
  • Lighting upgrades: Installation of Induction lighting 
  • Chiller upgrades: Variable speed drives 
  • Increased air compressor system efficiency: Installation of VFD’s and leak repair 
  • Control applications: Installation of a building energy management control system 
  • Process improvements: Temperature reset, eliminating simultaneous heating and cooling

Get Started  

Find a registered trade ally at InvestSmart with JEA contractors 

  1. Submit application on the online application portal 
  2. Obtain Pre-Approval from JEA 
  3. Purchase and install eligible equipment
  4. Complete required commissioning activities
  5. Submit final paperwork and signed Customer Acknowledgement 
  6. Receive Rebate 

Custom Business Energy Upgrades Measures 

Custom business energy upgrades do not explicitly specify eligible measures to provide program participants maximum flexibility in identifying potential projects. Participants may propose the inclusion of any measure that:

  • Produces a verifiable reduction in annual electric energy consumption without creating an increase in summer peak demand usage
  • Is installed in a retrofit or new construction (if applicable) application 
  • Is cost-effective as measured by the Total Resource Cost (TRC) test perspective

Measures that are excluded from consideration in this program: 

  • Are eligible for rebates through any other InvestSmart with JEA program:
  • Receive a rebate through any other energy efficiency program offered by JEA 
  • Rely solely on changes in customer behavior and require no capital investment 
  • Produce an electric energy reduction through substitution of another energy source for electricity 
  • Merely terminate existing processes, facilities, operations, or vacancies 
  • Relocate existing processes, facilities, or operations out of JEA’s service territory 
  • Are required by local, state, or federal law; building or other codes, or are standard industry practice 
  • Generate electricity, including co-generation or renewable energy generation
  • Energy Conservation Measures that apply duty cycling technology in air conditioning or heating units 
  • Energy Conservation Measures are subject to provide third party lab results according to JEA's discretion 

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