Wet Pipe Sprinkler Systems

Fire sprinkler systems may present a hazard to public drinking water supply. Standing water that collects in the pipes can corrode metals, contaminating the water dispersed by the sprinklers. For this reason, fire sprinkler systems are required to have approved backflow preventers installed and maintained.

Commercial Premises

Types of approved backflow preventers: Backflow preventers must be installed on the customer’s property above grade and be tested upon installation and annually thereafter.

  • Reduced pressure (RP)
  • Double-Check Assembly (DCA)
  • Double-Check Detector Assembly (DCDA)
  • A reduced pressure backflow preventer is required when there is a retention pond on site that holds water for more than 24 hours, or when the service is for a building of three or more stories that uses a booster pump.

Location Scenarios

  • Sprinkler system fed by dedicated pipe – The preventer will be on the customer’s property and within 10 feet of the JEA distribution connection.
  • Sprinkler system fed from the same meter as the drinking water – The preventer must be installed in either one of the following locations:
    • On the customer’s property no farther than 10 feet from the JEA water meter
    • On the customer’s sprinkler system at the point where it first branches off from the customer’s main water supply pipe. Placement in this location protects both the customer’s drinking water and the public system from potential contamination.

If your system requires repairs or replacement, contact one of JEA's preferred specialty backflow prevention assembly vendors for an estimate.