JEA Hits the 3 Million CFL Mark


Jacksonville, FL - JEA has reached the 3 million mark in its compact fluorescent light bulb (CFL) rebate program. The program, which launched in 2008, encourages JEA customers to purchase the more efficient light bulbs with an instant, in-store markdown or rebate. Go to the Shopsmart with JEA Lighting Rebates page to find a list of local stores participating in the program, as well as a list of all the rebate programs.

CFLs provide the same amount of light as standard incandescent bulbs, but use fewer watts of energy and produce much less heat. They are four times more efficient and last up to 10 times longer than incandescent bulbs. Over its lifetime, a single CFL could save you about $30 in energy-bill savings.

The community’s replacement of 3 million standard light bulbs with CFLs has resulted in a reduced need to generate electricity equivalent to powering 7,100 homes per year. Less electricity generated means less fuel burned, lower fuel costs for customers and less power plant emissions. Each CFL prevents more than 450 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions over its lifetime. That's the equivalent of saving more than 210 pounds of coal from being burned. And if every American home replaced their five most frequently used lights, or the bulbs in them, with ones that have earned the ENERGY STAR® label, we would prevent the greenhouse gases equivalent to the emissions from more than 8 million cars. 

The CFL program is just one of the rebates JEA offers to encourage cost-effective energy efficiency and help customers manage their energy bills.

JEA is the seventh-largest community-owned electric utility in the United States and one of the largest water and sewer utilities in the nation providing electric, water and sewer service to residents and businesses in northeast Florida. 


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