Melissa Dykes Recognized

Chief Financial Officer, Melissa DykesJEA’s Chief Financial Officer, Melissa Dykes, was recognized in 2016 as one of the top CFO’s in Jacksonville by the Jacksonville Business Journal.

Dykes was selected for the newspaper’s Ultimate CFO Award for her outstanding performance in providing direction to the utility, recognizing opportunities, identifying and managing risk, diminishing debt and achieving profitable growth.

“Reliable electricity, clean water and a safe sewer system are critical to life as we know it,” Dykes said. “So as a community-owned, not-for-profit utility, JEA employs strategic planning, financial discipline and a commitment to financial excellence to ensure that we deliver reliable, affordable and environmentally responsible utility services to our customers each and every day.”

Since joining JEA in 2012, JEA has repaid more than $1.3 billion in debt and has refinanced another $1.8 billion, generating significant savings for our customers. She’s particularly proud that in the past year JEA’s water and sewer credit rating from Standard and Poor’s was upgraded to AAA – a credit rating higher than the U.S. government.

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