Lineman Rodeo

JEA Apprentice wins at 2018 APPA Lineman Competition

JEA Apprentice Jeremy Starr brought home a gold cup from the national APPA Lineman Competition in Wake Forest, North Carolina.  Jeremy won second place in the Rope Throwing Event at the competition. 

2016 Florida Municipal Electric Association Lineman Competition

In April 2016, JEA's Journeyman team of Robert, Clay and Brian (seen below) traveled to Minneapolis, Minnesota to compete in the APPA's Public Power Lineworkers Rodeo and came home National Champions.  They beat 66 journeymen teams from 60 utilities in five categories:  Hurt Man Rescue, Crossarm Change Out, Insulator Change Out, Transformer Change Out and Insulated Jumper Change Out.  Their times and near-perfect scores in high winds and freezing temperatures resulted in their first place, National Championship win. 

First Place Overall Journeyman Team Florida 2016 Champs - Robert, Clay and Brian (below, left to right) 

  • Third Place Pole Top Pin Insulator Change Out
    Apprentice, Cody
  • First Place Hurtman Rescue
    Apprentice, Cody
2016 FMEA First Place Linemen

2015 International Lineman Rodeo

2015 International Lineman Rodeo WinnersJ.J., David and Greg (left to right) traveled to Bonner Springs, Kansas and brought back two top awards:

  • 2nd Place Journeyman Lineman Team Overall in the Municipal Category
  • 3rd Place in the Journeyman Pole Climb 

2014 International Lineman Rodeo

JEA’s award winning linemen returned to the International Lineman’s Rodeo and Safety & Training Conference in Bonner Springs, Kansas on October 18, 2014. Kansas City Power & Light and Westar Energy were the host utilities.

In addition to the competition, the safety and training conference is designed to expand the industry’s commitment to promote safe work practices that help improve the safe performance of line work around the world. The participants placed as follows:

  • Overall Municipal Category and Hurtman Rescue
    2nd place - Team 1: Hess, Gregg and Granger
  • Team Skills (Mystery Event)
    5th Place - Team 3: Corbitt, Sabo and Johnson
  • Sr. Division Team
    4th Place - Richardson, Jones and Prescott
2014 International Lineman Rodeo Winners

2013 International Lineman Competition

This competition was one for the history books. JEA took TOP honors in 2013 and brought home the World Championship Trophy, a feat not easily duplicated.

  • World Champion Journeyman Team.
    1st Place Overall: Mike, Robert and Brian. (below, left to right)  
  • Municipal Overall:  
    2nd Place: J.J., Greg and Dan
  • Apprentice Mystery Event:
    4th Place: David

Check out the press release: JEA Wins Top Honors at International Lineman Competition

2013 Florida Linemen Competition

On April 20, 2013 in Downtown Jacksonville, more than 100 lineworkers from across the state stepped out of their utility trucks and trailers to compete in the 13th Annual Florida Lineman Competition. 

JEA won top honors,including First and Fourth Place in Overall Journeyman teams and Second and Third Place Overall Apprentice Awards. The winners include: 

  • Overall Journeyman
    1st place - Team 108: Corbitt, Hess, Gregg, alt. Whittemore
    4th Place - Team 109: Cook, Singley, Barr,  alt. Hayes
  • Cross Arm Change Out
    1st Place - Team 108: Corbitt, Hess, Gregg, alt. Whittemore
  • Cutout Replacement
    2nd Place - Team 108: Corbitt, Hess, Gregg, alt. Whittemore
  • Post Insulator Change
    1st Place - Team 108: Corbitt, Hess, Gregg, alt. Whittemore
  • Suspension Bell Change
    1st  Place - Team 108: Corbitt, Hess, Gregg, alt. Whittemore
    2nd Place - Team 109: Cook, Singley, Barr, alt. Hayes
  • Vertical Hurtman Rescue
    1st  Place - Team 110: Sabo, Johnson, Sparks, alt. Prescott
    2nd Place - Team 109: Cook Singley, Barr, alt. Hayes
  • Overall Apprentice
    2nd Place - Team206: David Poncher
    3rd Place - Team 204: Gary Griffin
  • Cross Arm Brace Change
    1st Place - Team 204: Gary Griffin
  • Vertical Hurtman Rescue
    1st  Place - Team 204: Gary Griffin
    2nd Place -  Team 206: David Poncher 

Check out the press release: JEA Wins Top Honors at State-Wide Lineman Competition

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