JEA Water/Wastewater Team Takes Home Top Honors

A team of JEA Water/Wastewater System Specialists scored big at the American Water Works Association Florida Section 2016 Fall Conference in Orlando November 27 - December 1, 2016. Charles, Robert, Phillip, James, Samuel, Erick, Walter, Michael and Christopher from W/WW Reuse Delivery & Collection and Customer Field & Meter Services competed in four contests including Backhoe Rodeo, Ductile Iron Pipe tapping, PVC Pipe Tapping (Fun Tap), and Meter Madness.  

Winning Water/Wastewater Team

The team won First Place in the Pipe Tapping competition. This is a contest of skill and dexterity, as well as speed. Teams of four compete for the fastest time while performing a quality drill and tap of pipe under available pressure. Penalties are assessed in seconds for infractions of rules such as leaking connections or safety violations. The First Place win earned the team an invitation to compete at the AWWA National Convention in Philadelphia in June 2017. 

JEA also won Second and Third Place in the Meter Madness competition. In this competition, contestants must put together a completely disassembled meter against the clock. To make the contest more interesting, three to six miscellaneous parts are included in the bucket of meter components. Once the meter is assembled, it must operate correctly and not leak.

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