Exceleron honors JEA with 2016 President’s Award for Special Recognition

JEA is proud to receive the 2016 President’s Award for Special Recognition by Exceleron. This award was bestowed in honor of consistent excellence demonstrated with the JEA MyWay program over a four-year period. 

Customers who opt into JEA MyWay pay in advance for utility services, thereby avoiding deposits and electric disconnect/reconnect fees. They also receive access to daily consumption information and tools that help them make smaller, more frequent payments that fit their budget and lifestyle.

With more than 15,000 participants enrolled in the JEA MyWay program, Exceleron considers JEA as a leading example of those utilities that are leveraging Exceleron’s MyUsage platform to improve their financial performance while also increasing customer engagement and improving customer loyalty.  

Exceleron also noted that JEA’s accomplishments include continuous growth in customer participation and debt recovery each successive year, while also gaining impressive increases in overall residential customer satisfaction. 

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