Electric Generation Byproducts

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At JEA, we believe in conserving as much as possible. That’s why our Byproducts are available for purchase. Byproducts are a result from the generation of electricity. Properly processed, Byproducts can help create road base substitutes for lime rock and concrete and liquid absorbents.

Northside Generating Station

Bed Ash and Fly Ash

Bed ash (sometimes called bottom ash) is the byproduct produced from the boiler. In turn, fly ash is the byproduct produced from the stack. While the elemental composition of the ashes is similar, and both carry an elevated pH, they vary greatly in weight and particle size.

BSA Mound

These two ashes are sold in their dry forms as EZSorb fly and EZSorb bed. Under specific conditions, they are excellent materials that can be used to stabilize dredge spoils, solidify liquid wastes, neutralize acidic wastes, and more.

At JEA's Northside Generating Station, we take these dry ash Byproducts and mix them with water to create slurry. We also follow a rigorous, well established process of stirring, drying, processing, milling, and more to turn this ash and water mixture into the value-added byproducts EZBase and EZBasePlus.

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