Converting to Underground Power Lines

For those neighborhoods interested, JEA offers an overhead (OH) to underground (UG) conversion program. The program provides a means for neighborhoods to finance the conversion of overhead utility lines to underground systems through a special assessment process.

This program is currently available in the City of Jacksonville, and does not include the other municipalities located in Duval County or in other counties where JEA provides electric service. Other municipalities would need to adopt a separate special assessment option for their jurisdictions.

This program focuses on undergrounding overhead electric, telephone, cable television, communication or other overhead distribution line facilities located within the public rights of way in a defined neighborhood boundary. 

Factors to Consider when Deciding on this Program

Several things should be considered when deciding on this program:

  • Two thirds of the property owners within a neighborhood must agree to the program.
  • One hundred percent of the property owners within the neighborhood will be assessed a pro rata portion of the total cost of the project, if approved by the governing body–currently limited to the City of Jacksonville.
  • The neighborhood representative is responsible for coordinating participants.

Contact JEA Project Outreach for more information about the program: