Co-Op Community Involvement

Twenty-nine of JEA’s 2017 Summer Co-Ops gave their energy to serve the community. 

Completing a community service project is a requirement for every JEA Summer Co-Op. While their superiors lay down some guidelines, the decision is left to the Co-Ops on what community service project they choose. Pat, Manager of JEA’s Emerging Workforce Strategies, speaks highly of the community service project. 

“The Community Service project is a very important part of our overall Co-Op program, and it is a favorite of each class annually, as it allows them to come together as a team in an effort to enhance their collaboration and organization skills, while providing an opportunity to understand JEA’s culture of building community,” Pat said.

Co-op 2017 Class volunteers at the Duval County Teacher Depot.
2017 Summer Co-Ops volunteering at Teacher Supply Depot

Working in tight cohesion, Co-Ops reached out to a plethora of organizations across the city of Jacksonville. They arranged meetings downtown, voted on potential opportunities, and discussed possible dates and times for the event. The Co-Ops coordinated with the head of the Teacher Supply Depot to schedule the project. 

Public School No. 10, commonly known as Lackawanna School, has long since closed but the building still aids in the education of Jacksonville’s rising youth. The school building was requisitioned as the Teacher Supply Depot in 1996. Since then, the Teacher Supply Depot has been one of the leading distributors of donated materials.

The classrooms, offices, and halls of Lackawanna were once decorated with the staples of public education – desks, lockers, and school announcements, but no more. These days, the school is more of a jungle of endless boxes of donated supplies.  

Public school teachers in the area can use these supplies for their classrooms, completely free of charge. Without the Teacher Supply Depot, public school teachers would have to pay out of pocket for many of the necessities to educate their students. 

Co-op 2017 Class volunteers at the Duval County Teacher Depot.
2017 Summer Co-Ops volunteering at Teacher Supply Depot

Every month, the Teacher Supply Depot receives thousands of supplies. Businesses and communities across Florida donate all the materials brought to the Teacher Supply Depot, ranging from notebook paper to textbooks to arts and crafts. Understandably, it is difficult for the small crew that work there to organize the massive amounts of materials.

The head of the Teacher Supply Depot, Chris, has done an admirable job of keeping it afloat. She has served Jacksonville’s teachers for 21 years and dedicates many hours a week to maintaining the Supply Depot. Even with her expertise, she needed help.  

The classrooms, offices, and halls were bursting at the seams with hundreds upon thousands of unsorted supplies. The JEA Summer Co-Ops were put to work on July 20, 2017. The crowd of 29 Co-Ops were split into smaller groups that tackled a variety of tasks, including moving large pallets of supplies, cutting classroom decorations, and organizing donations that seemed to never end into orderly, functional piles. By the end of the day, the JEA Co-Ops left the Teacher Supply Depot knowing they contributed to something worthwhile. As they have done in the past and will continue to do in the future, JEA happily and diligently serves the community.

Co-op 2017 Class volunteers at the Duval County Teacher Depot.
2017 Summer Co-Ops volunteering at Teacher Supply Depot

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